Most of the products in Lefty’s range have been specifically designed to solve problems that are encountered by left-handers every day. Others may be standard items that just make life easier for a left-hander.  It can be a real struggle for many lefties to cut a straight line, open a tin can or prepare a meal. Right-handers don’t often understand the difficulties faced by lefties in some of these quite simple tasks.

Of course, there are also some products that are just for fun. Just enjoy them!

Below is some information on many of the products available for lefties and why they are so special.


There is no such thing as a pair of scissors that are “Suitable for Left- or Right-Handed Use”.  They are mechanically different.
The most important thing about a pair of left-handed scissors is that the top blade is always on the outside of the bodyline for a clean cut and clear vision.  



These are made similar to the scissors with the top blade on the left and the safety lock easily accessible to the left thumb. During the squeezing action on a right-handed pair, the blades separate for a poor cut and damage to your precious plant. A left-handed pair feels so much better and gives a perfect, clean cut every time.

There is a lot of confusion around the world as to what makes a knife left-handed, especially the scalloped and serrated knives. Even the knife manufacturers can’t agree! To ease the confusion, we have done extensive research in order to better understand the issue.


Conventional can openers cause you to hold the handles with your right hand and bring your left hand over the top to operate the cutting rotor or else hold onto the handles backwards. Either way, you are tied up in knots and the opening of the lid is often unsuccessful as the blade skips across the top of the lid. Left-handed can openers allow a natural action and a clean cut – just the way they were intended to be!

The most comfortable, natural action for all people is to twist the hand from the centre to the outside (external rotation). For right-handers, it is a clock-wise twist. For left-handers, it is an anti-clockwise twist. Using a standard corkscrew is not a natural action for lefties and it can be downright uncomfortable. These are becoming less popular with the introduction of screw-cap bottles but there are a number of winemakers still using good old cork.

The same rule applies as for the corkscrews. A left-hander’s natural rotation means that they twist the pencil anti-clockwise in the barrel. A left-handed sharpener has the blade set specifically for that motion – very important for children.

The left-hander’s brain is OK with using the standard QWERTY layout for typing but those doing a lot of spreadsheet work will appreciate that their left hand is more suited to keying the numbers. Forcing the use of the right hand when using the number and directional keypads can lead to discomfort and pain which can become a big problem long term for employers and employees alike. Switch over to a left-handed keyboard and your natural abilities will shine through with increased speed and accuracy!

All of our measuring implements read from right to left. The rulers allow the left-hander to start at the zero mark and pull the pencil along the ruler to the mark, using a normal ruler means you have to push the pencil across the page, giving poor results.

The tape measures allow the user to pull with the left hand.

The vernier callipers and micrometer are designed for accurate and repeatable results every time while using the left hand.

Many power tools are designed specifically for right-handed use. Circular saws, belt sanders, power drills and chain saws are just some examples of tools that are difficult for a lefty to use. In fact, it can be downright dangerous to use them! Unfortunately, though, we have not been able to find a manufacturer of any of these items that meet Australian safety regulations and standards. We’ll keep trying though!