The most important thing about a pair of left-handed scissors is that the top blade is always on the outside of the bodyline for a clean cut and clear vision.  


[A lefty cutting with right-handed scissors - note the poor result.]
A lefty cutting with right-handed scissors - note the poor result.
[A lefty using left-handed scissors - the line is visible and the scissors work!]
A lefty using left-handed scissors - the line is visible and the scissors work!

When using scissors, the natural hand action is to gently push with the thumb and pull with the fingers as the blades close.  This causes the blades to rub against each other and cut the paper or material.  Only left-handed scissors in the left hand will allow you to do this. Using right-handed scissors in the left hand will cause the blades to separate and the paper will just fold or macerate between the blades without cutting! The "compromise" is to use a very unnatural action which will cause pain and discomfort in the short term and callus formation in the long term - not good!

The other main benefit of using the correct scissors in the correct hand is that the top blade is on the outside of your bodyline.  This gives you a clear view of your cut without having to twist the scissors or look over the top of the blade.  And the paper, board or material naturally moves over the thumb and under the hand to keep that clear view and accurate cut.

Don't be fooled into buying scissors that are labelled as "Suitable for left or right handed use" - there's no such thing!*  They are just right-handed scissors with a grip that feels comfortable when used in both hands but the problem remains: they are not left-handed scissors! And it doesn't work turning a right-handed pair of scissors upside down either - they are still right-handed scissors!

Try a real pair of left-handed scissors and you'll wonder why you ever put up with the discomfort.

And when you have a pair of left-handed scissors, give them to a right-handed person to use.  They will very quickly understand the difficulties you have been facing all this time!


* The only scissors that can be used in either hand are the Supasnips manicure scissors.  Have a look and see why!