Early Childhood Learning Centres and Preschools

While less formal than primary school learning, it is here that our children learn their early motor skills during play, craft and drawing.  It is these most basic skills that will become the foundations of all the skills they will learn through the rest of their lives.  And the educators here have the privilege of helping the child learn and develop those skills.

If you are an educator in a Centre and you would like to learn more about left-handedness and some of the tools available to support left-handed children in their learning, CONTACT US and request a Lefty’s Education Pack to be sent to your Centre Director.  Please provide the Centre name and postal address.


If you have a child that may be showing signs of being left-handed, please discuss this with the staff at your Centre.

– Ensure they are confident in supporting the development of your child’s skills in a left-handed manner,
– Ensure that they have left-handed scissors available for craft activities, colouring and drawing pencils with a triangle-shaped barrel, pencil grips and the like,
– Refer them to our website: www.leftys.com.au,
– Ask if they would like us to send them a Lefty’s Education Pack and CONTACT US with their details.