Left-Hander’s Day

On the 13th August every year, we celebrate our uniqueness (and superiority) on International Left-Hander’s Day.


It is also an opportunity to show all the right-handers how difficult it can sometimes be living in our modern world. We use it as well to help remove the negative connotations and suspicions associated with left-handedness.

It was started in 1976 by Left-Hander’s International in the USA and has been celebrated every year since then to have gained prominence on calendars around the world. After all, there are over 600 million lefties in the world, based on a conservative estimate of 10% being left-handed.


This year, Left-Hander’s Day falls on a Tuesday. Join in by letting everyone know about our special day and see if they can do a few of their normal activities in a left-handed fashion, so they can understand some of the frustrations we face each day:

– Greet everyone with a left-handed handshake (elbow bump only during these COVID-19 times!)
– Turn the tea room into a Lefty Zone where everything can only be done with the left hand
– Rearrange a common workspace to suit a left-hander (safely)
– Share your left-handed scissors with a righty
– Sing/shout out the virtues of being a lefty

But always have fun!

In Australia each year, we have been working with the mainstream media to raise the awareness levels around the country with over 100 newspaper, radio and TV interviews since we started in 2003. We thank all the media organisations for their ongoing support.

Left-Hander's Day 2012 Interview