things lefties find easier

We know that left-handers live in a right-handed world but there are some things where we lefties have an advantage over righties.  Either because of how we do things or how we think, we have an edge over right-handers in a number of areas.

Here is a list that we have created in Australia and we welcome more suggestions via the Contact Us page.

  • Problem solving – a lefty strength

  • Judging distances – a lefty strength

  • Filling a 3D space – a lefty strength (spatial awareness)

  • Opening jar lids – we use supination to our advantage

  • Painting in “that difficult corner”

  • Driving a manual car – left hand and foot used for gear changes

  • Batsman and bowler in cricket – different angles to the righties

  • Batter in baseball and softball – a step or two closer to first base

  • Combative sports such as fencing, boxing and some martial arts – different angles to the righties

  • Lefties think quicker when playing sports and computer games – an Australian study proved it