This fantastic writing aid was developed by Mark and Heather Stewart in the UK. Considered experts in their field, they have worked tirelessly with educators to ensure left-handed children are given the tools and opportunity to learn to write properly and effortlessly. We have been able to bring these to Australia and adapt them to the fonts that are used in each state’s school curriculum. A must for every young child!

Left-handed on one side, right-handed on the other – makes it suitable for every child to use.
A3 size mat.
Just place the sheet of paper over the guidelines for perfect page orientation.
Teaches the correct pencil strokes for forming letters pertinent to each hand.
Drawings remind the child of the correct posture and pencil grip.
Laminated so it can be written on repeatedly with non-permanent markers.
Just wipe with a damp cloth when finished.

Printed in the approved NSW Foundation style for use in NSW & ACT schools.

Buy in bulk and SAVE!   Buy 20 or more and save 10%.  Buy 100 or more and save 25%.  And schools will save even more when claiming their GST credits!

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My Write-Well Mat, NSW & ACT

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