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Lefty's is a family-owned business that started in 2003 selling products for left-handers. We started the business after having difficulty finding a can opener for our youngest daughter in Sydney. (The famous Left-Handed Shop at The Rocks had closed in 2000.)  From the outset, it  was our aim to source quality products from around the world that would help young lefties, especially, to be able to do the ordinary tasks that so many of us take for granted.   We have since grown the business to be a national internet and mail order business stocking over 300 products. We also have a growing export business.

After opening the business in April 2003, it soon became very obvious that there was little information and even less support for left-handers, their parents and teachers in Australia.   As a result, we created Lefty's Resource Centre to fill that gap.   The Resource Centre provides free basic information to help parents and teachers as well as encouraging young lefties that Being Left Is Alright (our slogan, created to reassure people that there is nothing wrong with being a lefty).  Every year we have provided support for dozens of concerned parents and teachers. We are continually working toward improving the understanding of left-handedness and the issues faced by lefties.

2017 saw us branching out from being just an online presence.  You may now see us at various craft and education fairs and conferences across Australia.  Below is a picture of our stand at Intocraft Live in Sydney in March 2017 where we joined forces with our sister business, MyBrush.

We are the main driver in Australia of International Left-Hander's Day, the one day of the year where Australia can hear what it is like to be a lefty in a right-handed world and lefties can celebrate their uniqueness. And we have conducted over 90 radio, newspaper and magazine interviews to help improve this understanding.

We welcome comments and suggestions at all times.

You are welcome to contact us by filling out the Contact Us Form or emailing us at  asklefty"at"leftys.com.au (replace the "at" with the @ sign in your address bar).

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