As part of our project to improve the education of left-handed children across the country, we have reached out to the Dean of Education and other executives at every university in Australia that teaches a Primary Education and/or Early Childhood Education undergraduate degree program.

Our own research through interviews and discussions with teachers across the country showed that universities do not cover the topic of handedness, or the different requirements of left-handers to right-handers, in their Bachelor of Education (Primary) or Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) courses.

Our message is clear: that left-handedness must be included in their teacher training programs so that their students are prepared to teach 12% of their students when they enter the classroom.  We reinforced this by providing a copy of our submission to the Commonwealth Expert Panel review and by offering our support in their inclusion.

We have also invited each university to CONTACT US when they have included handedness in their education programs.  See the WALL OF FAME where we list those who have responded.

It is our firm belief that if our teachers are knowledgeable and skilled in the topic, our left-handed children will achieve their full potential in education and in the wider aspects of life.