Lefty's Links

There are a number of great web sites around the world that focus on various aspects of left-handedness. Some are big, others small. Some serious, some fun. Some general, some specific. We do not endorse any of them nor do we necessarily agree with them either.

Anyway, here are some that we liked:

Piano Music for the Left Hand Alone - A fantastic site dedicated to Paul Wittgenstein, a concert pianist who lost his right arm in WW1. The site lists hundreds of musical pieces that were written for playing with the left hand only. Includes brief biographical information for many of the composers.

Gauche! Left Handers in Society - A great resource site with comments that will be useful for parents, teachers and all left-handers.


The Left-Handed Universe - An interesting site to say the least.

The world's more left-handed than we think - An article from the ABC's Science site discussing some recent research on left-handedness.

Teaching Left-Handers to Write - A good web site by Dr M.K. Holder introducing some basic concepts in helping the left-handed child in the early days of learning to write.

We'll keep searching for more links, but contact us if you find any we should have a look at.