famous australian lefties

There are a number of lists of the world’s most famous Lefties, but here’s Australia’s own list.

Contact us with the person’s name and what they are famous for and we’ll add it to the list.  Help us create a list we can be proud of!

Marcos Ambrose(Motor Racing)
Wayne Arthurs(Tennis)
Michael Bevan(Cricket)
Allan Border(Cricket)
Norman Brookes(Tennis)
Bruce Carter(Boomerang Throwing)
Ric Charlesworth(Hockey, Cricket)
Greg Chalmers(Golf)
Michael Clark(Cricket)
Brett Clarke(Table Tennis)
Joe Darling(Cricket)
Scott Draper(Tennis)
Neale Fraser(Tennis)
Dianne Fromholtz (now Balestrat)(Tennis)
Wayne Gardner(Motor Racing)
Adam Gilchrist(Cricket)
Matthew Hayden(Cricket)
Cara Honeychurch(Tenpin Bowling)
Rod Laver(Tennis)
Paul Langley(Table Tennis)
Darren Lehmann(Cricket)
Peter Lewry(Boomerang Throwing)
Rodney Marsh(Cricket)
Nick O’Hearn(Golf)
Roger Perry(Boomerang Throwing)
Neil Robertson(Snooker)
Tony Roche(Tennis)
Alois Rosario(Table Tennis)
Ben Simmons(Basketball)
Mitchell Starc(Cricket)
Michael Slater(Cricket)
Mark Smythe(Table Tennis)
Jeff Williams(Baseball)
Mark Woodforde(Tennis)
Kate Box(Actor)
Scott Carne(Music)
Angela Catterns(Radio)
Conrad Coleby(Actor)
Rodger Corser(Actor)
Judy Davis(Actor)
Cameron Daddo(TV, Radio)
Jon English(Music, Actor)
Mark Ferguson(TV News)
Germaine Greer(Author)
Richard Grieve(Actor)
Andrew Griffiths(Author)
Natalie Imbruglia(Music, Actor)
Hugh Jackman(Actor)
Amanda Keller (TV, Radio)
Nicole Kidman(Actor)
John Larkin(Author) 
Curtis Stone(TV Chef)
Richard Stubbs(Radio)
Greedy Smith(Music) 
Kim Watkins(TV)
Emily Weir(Actor)
Bruce Woodley(Music)
Tony Abbott(Former Prime Minister)
Michaela Cash(Federal Liberal)
Peter Farrell(CEO, Resmed)