Thank you for such a speedy delivery, high quality product, free gift and for using all recyclable packaging.

LF, Bellbowrie, Qld


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the first order I put through with you – a clear plastic ruler, dressmakers tape measure and ergonomic pencil! Thrilled is putting it mildly. I got them yesterday and want to cart them around and show them to everyone. They’re brilliant. The tape measure unrolling from the right – it was a joyous thing to see, like seeing the wheel for the first time I think. And the left handed ruler, it’s such a “duh” thing – why didn’t I get one sooner. You have no idea how many times right handed people say “oh just turn it upside down”, now I have lefties tape measure and ruler, I’ll ask them to use them and when they complain (and they will), I’ll just say “oh just turn it upside down!” I’ve ordered another ruler – LOVE IT. All the right handed rulers are getting thrown away, with glee. Such a little thing to make such a difference. It’s easy enough to get fat pens in the world, but I’ve NEVER seen a large handled pencil, so I grabbed it. I LOVE it, its a joy to use, no pain at all, and the fact that it’s canted to the left will make using it even easier. I love it, and came on here to buy another, but then I saw the pens – and I had to have one of them. But, I know I’ll be buying another pencil the same, just in case my gem gets nicked or lost. Thank you so so much for putting all these life changing & sanity saving items in once place, it’s such a joy to come here and simply look! I got on Facebook just now and told the world about you. I LOVE this shop.

JK, Watsonia, Vic


Thanks very much Lefty’s, I am appreciative of your prompt response and also for your website and wonderful range of products!  I have also told a few mums at school about your website as they too have been struggling with having left handed sons and the tendency for the school to still teach writing for right handers.  My son has just tried out the loop scissors and is amazed how easily he can now cut in a straight line, such a small thing yet such a confidence booster when they realise they can actually do it. So thank you.

KH, South Perth, WA


Thank you very much, Lefty’s, for swiftly dispatching my order for the left-handed cake fork. I’m delighted to say that it arrived just in time on my Son-in-Law’s Birthday..brilliant! 🙂 He couldn’t believe I’d managed to get him one & he had a big smile on his face when he opened it! I hadn’t managed to source one in the UK but had to laugh when I saw that the pouch it came in said ‘Made in England’. Anyway…many thanks for your great service, much appreciated!

DJ, Birmingham, UK


Thank you so much for the parcel which arrived yesterday  We had heaps of fun trying everything out including a ceremonial wine bottle opening (couldn’t wait for the birthday!).  The house lefties are delighted.  They are looking forward to confounding right-handers with their new tools as well!  Cheers!

WT, Sydney, NSW


Your parcel came Monday and you should have seen my daughter’s face when she could sharpen a pencil the left way for the first time.  Well it does pay to surf the net as you don’t know what you’ll find.  Thanks for making my child’s day, keep up the good work.

DD, Moorebank, NSW 


I am 64 and for the first time ever, I have sliced a loaf of bread well instead of making a hacking mess of it.  All my life I’ve been using a right-handed bread knife not realising that such a thing as a left-handed one existed.  I guess it’s never too late.  Thank you also for such prompt delivery.

SM, Bundanoon, NSW