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We offer you the best range of left-handed products in Australia. In fact, we have the world's biggest range of left-handed products in stock and ready to send.

Parents Page

Many parents have great difficulties knowing how to help their left-handed children, especially during their early developmental years.

Our Education Campaign

Left-handed children are not being taught left-handed skills and we are taking a stand.

Lefty Trivia

It is generally accepted that the hand you write with defines your handedness. However, many people use their other hand for other major activities, such as throwing a ball or batting.


You have entered Australia’s biggest left-handed web site! Information, support and products for left-handers.

Welcome to Australia’s only online resource centre for information on left-handedness, covering topics such as childhood development, hand writing, history and trivia. See the menu bar above for all the topics where you will be able to find a whole series of information pages and links that will help you understand your gift of left-handedness. We are continually adding to the pages but if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

After you have learned everything there is to know, you can also go shopping in Australia’s biggest left-handed shop! In here you will find products that will solve a problem or simply amuse – everything from left-handed scissors to our famous left-handed screwdriver. We have over 300 products in our range and in stock for immediate supply. You can be comfortable knowing that when you are shopping with us you are receiving the quality and service of a family-owned company.

We are proud to be a Founding Member of LEFT-IN, the Left-handers Education Forum & Training International Network.
Visit us at left-in.org to see our work.